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Outstanding Filipino Youth Leader

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"Life is too short for those who work hard and dream to achieve more and too short for those who don't look beyond life... For him, nothing is too hard, too painful and too risky for the benefit of the Filipino Youth and for the common good of every living creature..."
An outstanding student and youth leader, a volunteer, very young journalist (youngest International Reporter on HIV/AIDS), a photojournalist, a human rights advocate, employment and labor activist, college publication editor, a lecturer and experienced speaker, event organizer, graphic designer, an exemplary debater, an essayist, a poet, an orator, a multi-awarded writer, an environmentalist, a musician, musical scorer, composer and choral arranger, a pianist and church organist, a voice talent, an engineer, an activist, a sportsman and a youth parliamentarian and most significantly a true friend,

  took up Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Also, he is a recepient of several certificate degrees including Certificate of Course Completed on Leadership and Legislative Governance (University of the Philippines), Certificate on Campus Journalism and School News Paper Advising (Gumaca National High School) and the Conference Certificate on the First Student Summit on Philippine Literature (University of the Philippines and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts).
Distinct with Presidential Leadership Award by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and with National Leadership Achievement Medal by the Knights of Rizal Supreme Council and the 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards Finalist for Best Student Student Organ, he works as Technical Assistant in the Office of the President of the Philippines in Malacanang Palace.

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Join the Premier youth event of the year... Youth POWER 2005. Visit www.youthpower.tk for details or email youthpower2005@gmail.com
Calling all Campus Journalists... CONVERGENCE 2005, the 2nd National Campus Journalism Congress happening on Feb 21-23 in Adamson University. Email us at convergence05@yahoo.com
Join the very first Philippine Campus Journalism Awards. Visit www.campusjournalismawards.tk for more information or email campusjournalismawards@yahoo.com.
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Featured Youth Leader: Atty. Reza amidst sense and sensibility... Learn more about him.

UPDATES you must know...

After a sumptuous high noon meal came Lloyd Luna critical essay on The Peril Of Immaturity In Campus Journalism: A Threat To The Nation in the University of the Philippines. Read more Click here.

The Philippine Colegian of the University of the Philippines reports that the fellows for the fisrt student conference for Philippine Literature have also been chosen: Denise Villegas (ADMU), Barbara Magallona (ADMU), Ailil Alvarez (UST), Maria Carreon (DLSU), Kathleen Evangelista (DLSU), Lloyd Luna (PUP), Carljoe Javier (UP Diliman) and Diana Ranola (DLSU). Click here.

Scale-up of AIDS Treatment in the Developing World by 
LLOYD ABRIA LUNA International Reporter, XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok [13 July 2004] Community leaders, people living with HIV/AIDS and scientific experts participating in the XV International AIDS Conference today called for a dramatic scale-up in access to HIV/AIDS treatment in the developing world. While acknowledging the current debate on the use of generic versus branded drugs, Conference participants argued that such controversies must not be used as an excuse for further delays. Read more Click here.
Visit my latest updates including the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Click here

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The interim national council of the Students' Network of the
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universities. Every one is highly encouraged to join this egroup.

Part of the services that it offers are coordination of leadership
trainings, team building and capability building seminars, public
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Students' Network of the Philippines (SNOP) is a national network of
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Are you 15-30 years old, a member or officer of a youth organization or institution and with the intent to have your say with the youth policies being made in our country?

The National Youth Commission is currently looking for youth representatives to the 5th National Youth Parliament to be held in Legazpi City this 27-29 October 2004.

Calling all students! Join the search for 2004 Bayer Young Environmental Envoys. Be a winner and get a chance to represent your country in Germany

The National Youth Commission embarks on a program of gathering youth research studies tackling issues confronting the youth today.

The Call for Youth Studies aims to develop research on youth-related concerns. To realize this objective, youth leaders applying for the National Youth Parliament to be held in Legaspi City on October 27-29, 2004, will be required to submit a copy of any youth study or research paper from the academe, government institutions, or non-government organizations from the areas of representation.

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Founding Chairman and CEO
Network of Campus Journalists
of the Philippines (NCJP)

Vice President for Training and Publications
POINTER Publishing and Publications Group

Director for Media Affairs
Philippine Youth SPHERE Group of Networks

Students' Network
of the Philippines (SNOP)

Network of Journalists International http://groups.takingitglobal.org/journalist

Radio Co-anchor
Lakas Kabataan Tinig Kabataan Recharged!
DZME 1530 Khz, Sat. 12-1pm 

Technical Assistant to the President
Office of the President of the Philippines
Malacanang Palace, Manila

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board 

Country Director to the Philippines
IDEA International www.nicenepal.com

Executive Director for Media and Advocacies
Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) www.voty.org

Spokesperson and Director for Public Relations and Media
World Congress of Youth--Philippines (WCY Phils.) 

www.takingitglobal.org http://profiles.takingitglobal.org/LLOYDLUNA

Team Leader
TakingITGlobal Translator Team to the Philippines

Correspondent, The Manila TIMES www.manilatimes.net

Freelance Writer, The Manila BULLETIN www.mb.com.ph

YOU Contributing Writer, The Philippine Daily INQUIRER www.inq7.net

Youth Parliamentarian, 4th National Youth Parliament

Presidential Leadership Awardee
Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Leadership Award 
Malacanang Palace, Manila

National Leadership Achievement Medalist
40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute
Knights of Rizal Supreme Council

2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Finalist for Best Student Organ, Team Leader

Outstanding Student, Polytechnic Unviersity of the Philippines--College of Engineering

It is not APTITUDE alone. At times it is also ATTITUDE that brings man to higher ALTITUDE. Education for him is the beginning of wisdom. Employment is not a matter of working for the good of the few but for the common good of every human being. Destiny is not a matter of fate or luck, it is a matter of choice.

 Read the Youth and Development Report of NYC Chairman Bam Aquino and find out how NCJP Founding Chair Lloyd Luna reacts and defends the campus journalists and the Filipino youth in the Philippines. Buy the book at UP-NCPAG for more... 

News: NCJP Founder named Youngest International Journalist, attends XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok
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At 21, he was noted as dedicated paper editor that give an advent to the inclusion of SPECTRUM, the Official Student Paublication of PUP-College of Engineering to the 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Finalists for Best Student Organ.

A part-time student, he earned a certificate degree in the University of the Philippines (UP-Diliman) National College of Public Administration and Governance on Leadership and Legislative Governance Training Course complimentated by the Office of Senator Aquilino Q.Pimentel, Jr.

Education, for him, is the beginning of wisdom and decent life...

Chosen by the National Youth Commission, he represented the city capital of the country, City of Manila, to the 4th National Youth Parliament in Cagayan de Oro City. After his involvement in policy making, he joined the 40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute in Baguio City where he was earned National Leadership Achievement Medal as Head of the 1st Commission.

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As an outstanding Student

"It's not aptitude, it's attitude that will bring one to a higher altitude" is one of the principle the he is keeping in his heart. And, in leadership, he simply believes that "it's not the position that makes a leader, it's the leadership that makes the position".

Graduated 2nd Honorable Mention in Gumaca West Central School in the municipality of Gumaca, Province of Quezon during his primary education and 3rd Hnorable Mention in Gumaca National High School as Editor in Chief of the Campus Paper, he is a graduate BS Electronics and Communications Engineering with distinction at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).

In 2001, he was cited as OUTSTANDING STUDENT of the College by the Office of the Dean and Most Outstanding Campus Journalists in 2001 and 2002.

Lloyd Abria Luna

This is the birth of www.lloydluna.iwarp.com

HE could hardly recall the first day he got to an internet cafe to do some technical jobs.

He didn't care much of the stuffs saw. In fact, he was stupid of these www. For him, technology is just a technology that may be utilized or not depending on one's mood.

However, his perception took the other other side of the coin when he realized that this technology will bring him him out where he should be--to the WORLD.

As a debater

A hot scene in debate experience of Lloyd.


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