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Very passionate and serious in involving himself in the International Communities where for the past three months he created positive impact in thousands of youth in different parts of the world, he has been an active youth advocate and leader who puts service about all...

PanitiKabataan 2004 reset, fellows chosen

Tik Tak VOTE!
Learn how Lloyd Luna, 22, and his peers mobilized young voters throughout the Philippines.

Diabetes mellitus, a disease of the insulin -producing cell sin the pancreas, leading to elevations Dof the blood sugar, afflicts more than 177 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and can be found in almost every population in the world.

The strength of any nation lies on the foundation of its people’s understanding and cooperation. Without a legitimate unity and sense of a ‘imagined community (or state of belongingness to a nation), any given race will give up its ghost and perish.

As we celebrate our 106th Independence, I hope to share some insights coming from a student of San Sebastian College in Manila. 

Perhaps two of the many stereotypes that contribute to the disintegration of Philippine society is the belief that young Filipinos do not know enough... 

Thank you Mr. BLAIR AGERO of the Manila BULLETIN for this article. I am really inspired by it. May this be an inspiration to each and every one in TIG also...

Attorney! Magandang Gabi! A neighbor shouted at me as I walk for home from a day's work at the office.

Kalayaan 2004 Essay Expo is a friendly competition of young writers that aims at promoting valuable thoughts regarding the commemoration of the Philippine Independence for the year 2004. It is open to all young writers with ages from 15-25.

Outstanding youth leaders in the Philippines actively participated in the Global Youth Service Day.

June 23, is the International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth. The workshop aims to qualify leaders from countries of all continents, on a regional and national level, to contribute responsibly to a sustainable development of rural areas and regions.

In November, she will formally accept her award at Buckingham Palace from Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and president of the ESU. Following is her prize-winning speech...

Only when we are united could we turn down the walls that divide and build a "bridge" that connects. After breaking these walls, let us build bridges.

Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines Published at Amidst the conundrum, the emotional stirrings and the nonstop bickering of politicians due to the upcoming elections, one sector is left pondering in the middle – the youth.

NCJP opens Kalayaan 2004

Successful restructuring of Piltel debt boosts stock