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My Personal snapshots

It is true that photos tell a million stories. Being a people person, I got some snapshots to share...

This is the way we do it!

NCJP Founding Chairman and CEO speaks before the crowd in The Presidential Mansion in Baguio City sometime in December in 2003.

Now it's relaxing...

Lloyd Luna takes time to relax in Superferry 12 (WG&A) on their voyage to Cebu City. He organized NCJP Visayas Chapter for that purpose.

The Beauty Queen

My friend Geraldine, Ms. Tuguegarao City during our Youth Volunteers for Strong Republic training in Pampanga. Not only does she has the look, but the attitude and aptitude to face life's greatest challenges.

Reaching the tribe...

NCJP Founder Lloyd Luna in a photo session with local folks from the Cordillera Administrative Region as part also of GYSD 2004 celebration in the Philippines.

Big and small

Whatever the "size" may be, Lloyd doesn't care much. His fellow youth leaders speaks more than it. And that's the passion that drives them.

Once in the office...

Lloyd with his office mates. Photo was taken at the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Youth Affairs in Malacanang Palace, Manila.

The President and NCJP.

Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visits the St. Francis of Assisi College in Las Pinas. The event became possible through the efforts of NCJP members in the City.

It's my job.

Before leaving the port, Lloyd takes documentation of a fire in Cebu City. Nothing is tough for a man who has the passion in covering events.

Just expressing myself.

Photo taken at the Jacussi of SuperFerry 12 on its voyage back to Manila from Cebu City. He got no body and no look but a truthful expression of how he works FREELY.

After waking up.

One morning, my Director for International Relation Pocholo took trip to capture us after a very deep sleep. The result is for you to judge.