During the XV International AIDS Conference
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Prior to the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Lloyd Luna was selected, together with other International journalists, reporters and communicators to attend the UNESCO/Science Development Network Workshop on the "The Use of ICT's for the Reporting on the Science of HIV/AIDS" in the Asian Institute of Technology from July 7-11.

Click here for the Official Website of the XV International AIDS Conference.

The following pieces are the reports made by Mr. Luna as the output of practical reporting during the conference. The conference, which was attended by more than 19, 000 delegates from all over the world and the largest international event so far, was a week-long press work in the Media Center of IMPACT for Mr. Luna. Working with him were International Journalists and other communicators.

The HIV Crisis Facing Youth and Women 4TH day of Conference calls for ACCESS to targeted programs and political leadership.

Young People: We are the solution, not the problem Presenting UNICEF Executive Director with lists of conditions for the young people to stay HIV-free, nearly 40 youth leaders and advocates demanded to be involved as real partners in the fight against the pandemic.

Scale-up of Treatment in the Developing World Does the will and capacity exist to ensure Universal access to HIV treatment?

Thai and US AIDS activists bare plans For XV International AIDS Conference protest groups plan opening day march

Thai Prime Minister to AIDS Activists: We are not there yet At a meeting with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and key Ministers in the Royal Thai Government ahead of the XVth International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, 9 international and Thai AIDS activists did not secure clear support for changes to several of Thailand's HIV treatment and prevention policies.

Activists to protest ACESS FOR ALL opening ceremonies Activists from Thailand and the United States will host a global protest and march at the opening of the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok.