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REGULAR projects and programs update...

For Immediate Release [August 06, 2004]


NCJP Founding Chair named youngest International Reporter on HIV, attends XV International Conference on AIDS


Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines (NCJP) Founding Chairman and CEO Lloyd A. Luna joined other international journalists and reporters in a worldwide workshop for communicators who served as media during the XV International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Bangkok, Thailand, July 6-17.


In a letter of invitation signed Director David Dickson of the Science Development Network (SciDevNet), Luna was asked to join at least 10 journalists selected from seven different countries. Backgrounds of these participants vary and include journalists, TV and radio reporters, editors, project coordinators and communications officers.


Prior to his attendance to the conference for his practical experience and reporting opportunities, UNESCO/SciDevNet sponsored a workshop under the banner “The Use of ICTs for the Reporting on the Science of HIV/AIDS”. This workshop ran from July 6-10 at the Asian Institute of Technology in Nonthaburi.


According to the organizers, the goal of the workshop is to promote better practice in the professional communication of the science of HIV/AIDS, particularly in the context of the reporting of science in the developing countries. It seeks to achieve this by bringing together a group of professionals from across the region both to learn practical techniques in science communication, and hopefully to propose new initiatives that might lead to improvements within their organizations.


The 4-day workshop included using of the Internet in finding and retrieving HIV/AIDS resources including websites, discussion for a and email alerts; a country-to-country comparison of current media representation of the AIDS epidemic and practical discussion on how to find and develop stories, reports, press releases around scientific research and; consolidation of ICT and journalism skills, and guidance on networking and support.


In a statement, Luna said: “I am very glad to have this very first opportunity abroad. Given the fact that I would be spending not even a centavo for this, I think more than this being an honor for me, it is a blessing that I would share to the Filipino people in general and fellow journalists in particular. I believe I would be getting lots of knowledge and experience there that I could echo when I get back.”


Asked if how he knew the program, he said the NCJP Director for International Relations Pocholo Gonzales forwarded the papers to his Office and immediately after he received them he submitted the requirements via email.


“You see we in NCJP give others an equal opportunity when it comes to sharing of information. We believe that with the use of ICTs, we can inspire and involve fellow youth faster and more accurate. Every one should be motivated and encouraged to maximize the technologies that we have,” the CEO concluded.


Luna, 22, founded NCJP in 2001 after the “Kapihan ng Kabataan Kasama ang Pangulo” program initiated by Atty. Marc Fabian Castrodes, Commissioner at Large of the National Youth Commission. This proactive, value-driven, impact oriented, program based and institutionalized youth media organization is now the fastest growing network known ever and continue to cater campus journalism concerns. Presently, it is spearheading the massive recruitment of members of the Students’ Network of the Philippines.




NCJP soars greater heights, embraces Strong Republic

Committed to its vision to be the Center for Effective Publication and Campus Press Development, the Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines (NCJP) instigated SOAR 2004, the first National Leadership and Team Building Congress in the country with top 75 outstanding campus publication editors participating the event.

NCJP founding chair and CEO Lloyd Luna chaired the pioneer project, which will be duplicated in strategic areas in the countryside.

This is our maiden leadership project for campus journalists. We believe that these people are leaders by profession because through their writings, they actually influence the public specifically the studentry, Luna explained.

In essence, he added, soar simply meant take off point for us to enhance our organization's structure that would promote better understanding how powerful the organization would become if consolidated efforts were being taken.

The project aims to inspire, inform, empower and involve campus media men vis-à-vis of their vital role in nation building.

Mauro Anthony Cabading III, vice-chairman and COO said, Since we are very particular in the fundamental concept of nation building as stated in 1987 Philippine Constitution, we incorporated a lecture on Strong Republic.

Highlighting the Strong Republic vision of Pres. Arroyo, Palanca Awardee and Presidential Assistant for Historical Affairs Manuel L. Quezon III explained the role of campus journalists in forwarding the vision to their constituents.

Other activities were batch discussion on Writers of Principles and Leadership delivered but Ian Barcelona, NCJP Adviser for Sectoral Affairs. It tackled basic leadership traits, styles and attitude and; Becoming a team player facilitated by Tricia Castrodes that gave an overview on what it means of being in a team. 

In technical development program, Presidential Technical Assistant Jenny Lind Elmaco presented a lecture on column writing. It was followed by Press release in the Making by Ma. Theresa Fucanan, an experienced journalist of He and She magazine.

Enhancing the national structure and backbone of the organization, the two-day activity also included elections of Central Council Coordinators in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

National President Patrick Asinro of Mindanao State University in Marawi City stressed that: This group of new breed of media practitioners in the future would be more than an organization. This will be a family that would care for the builders and opinion makers in the country.

In some time, he said, we will be going out in the Asia Pacific region and then in the international campus media arena.  

The group, which will be implementing simultaneous projects and programs around the country, is working with the government, NGO's and private firms. Part of SOAR 2004 were Office of the Presidential Chief of StaffYouth Affairs Office, National Youth Commission, Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network, Junior Graftwatch Council and the Manila BULLETIN.

We will be asking Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to issued Presidential Proclamation declare August as National Campus Journalists Month, Luna concluded.

NCJP is a proactive, positive outlook driven, impact oriented, program based, skills development tilted and institutionalized organization of campus journalists. After its successful soaring of greater heights with the idea of Strong Republic, it will now readying itself to be one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO). The project that will be submitted is Networking 1-700.

Networking 1-700 is a collaborative effort of its founding team that created positive impacts in the lives of young writers.

SOAR 2004 is an annual project of NCJP conceptualized by Mr. Luna